PIPELINE Insulating Joints

For Offshore & Onshore Applications, PKP supplies monolithic Insulating joints for low and high pressure services, designed to satisfy the most stringent project requirements. Monolithic Insulating Joints are used to electrically isolate pipe line segments. They are used for the sectioning of gas, oil and water mains to ensure cathodic protection and electrical Insulating. They also serveas positive leak proof, long-lasting fittings against the flow of electrical currents in all piping systems. Monolithic Insulating Joints are available in different sizes and ratings.


ø 1″ to ø 96″


API 10000, 2500#, 1500#, 900#, 600#, 400#, 300#, 150#.


» Eliminates short circuit and maintenance
» Is coated both internally and externally
» Eliminates field assembly
» Is 100% electrically tested & welds inspected
» Less expensive
» Is 100% tested before shipment